Hi, I'm Sarah. I'm a multidisciplinary designer, writer, researcher, and freelance consultant with a thing for music. 
I've worn a lot of hats in UX, marketing, independent music, and digital strategy. Special skills include but are not limited to organizing information/auditing chaos, getting to the front at any show without being a jerk, deep research rabbit holes, and wolf whistling. 
Also me: Switchblade collector. Digital list hoarder. OSINT enthusiast. Dolly Parton disciple. Show photographer. Former founder of a defunct online zine slash record label (Hexbeat) that I would really appreciate someone (anyone!) to finally pressure me to follow-through on reviving. I live for simple pleasures like fresh Danzig memes and the smell of magnolia blossoms and detecting the sound of a Wurlitzer 200A in a catchy song. I currently live in Fort Worth, Texas by way of Memphis, Tennessee, but I originally hail from Portland, Oregon and have lived in a few other places in between.
I'm usually available for collaborations of any kind and I'm especially interested in opportunities involving: sociopolitical matters for the creative working class, storytelling obscure histories, independent music industry, archives of underground counterculture scenes, digitizing decaying media, social media strategy, and being Poison Ivy Rorschach's right hand man. But I'm also for hire for most design, research, marketing,  photography, writing, editing, branding, or digital strategy needs.
This page is very much a perpetual draft. Please do check back anytime for the latest version. Anything else, just reach out. 

Various clientelle, collaborators, coverage, consulting, and other people/places/things I've been in cahoots with over my career include:

Goner Records - digital operations and more throughout multiple Gonerfests, live events, and catalog releases from: Cobra Man, Benni, NOTS, Sick Thoughts, Bloodshot Bill, Aquarian Blood, Harlan T. Bobo,  Chubby & the Gang, Thigh Master, Hash Redactor, Low Life, & more.
Ten High, Alicja Trout, Crystal Shrine, Big Clown, Rich Hands, Catholic Spray, White Mystery, Tav Falco & the Unapproachable Panther Burns, Street Arabs, Luxurious Faux Furs, The Wirms, & more.
Grrlfest, This Will Kill You, Also Tapered, Jr's Lightbulb Club, Hi-Tone, DKDC, LaLaLand, Aqua Labs Sound Recordings, Rubberneck.
Garage Punk Hideout
Archer Malmo
OMNI Center for Peace, Justice, and Equality
Mayday Community Kitchen
Bedford Camera

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